Azraielle (azraielle) wrote,

hmm k wow

Alot has happened in last week ..... lets review

There are scattered posts about my ex Lady J ...... This girl was everything to me she's popped up again ... n i dont know what to make of it at all ... because this time she mroe ... i dunno confusing then ever since we've broken up ...she tells me she loves me .. sends to download songs about how we're destine to be together ..... i just dont get it .. i need to just get sum guts n ask her str8 out wht she wants ...but i'm scared kaz i'm enjoyin this way too much i mean we spoke for 9 hours ..str8 the other night joke .... i dont do that with anyone ..ever ...expect maybe mobuisstrip ..but ..he rocks lol

kinda calmed down from the drama of last week .... i dont care ..i'm fine ..always am ... always will be ..I'm stronger than anyone realizes ..even myself ..

anyways i gotta get ready for court ...yea ..court ... I'll explain that later
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