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She's back

Well kinda ..sorta yea .. i should be back ..with regularity actually ..if theres anyone whoo still even remembers me ...

Anyways ....Let's have a refresher course

I am currently a 22 yr old former cam/pic girl ... graphic artist ... nutcase ... whiner

also *drumroll*

I'm pregnant now ... betcha didnt see that coming huh ..pero si senor .. almost 5 motnhs now ..n it's b een a difficult one at that

plenty of other stuff thats happened but i truely dont want to get into those things now ... J isnt the father we broke up soon after my last posts on here .....

I am no longer with the father though ... more on that in later post ... (its by my choice not his )

i think i'm a little lonely lately .. lost in my head so i figure getting it out there in a new year may help ....
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Hello. Remember you from your cam pic days. Congratulations on your child. Like to wish you every bit of good fortune as motherhood awaits. Treat him/her with as much love as you possibly can. Peace.
welcome back and hang in there :)
wow.. I, too, remember you from your "pic girl" days. I'm glad to see/read you're still alive.

"You're only as alone as you wish to be." A lesson I learned the hard way.

I also wish things had worked out better with "baby daddy". another lesson I learned the hard way.

Hope you smile with each comment that welcomes you back. :)
yes I do remember. best of wishes to you and lots of *loves and hugs* on your current situation, I for one didn't truly "see it coming" as you said.....;) i hope all goes well for you and I also hope to hear more from you soon.
Is good to know you are well!!