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News at 11

LAst nytte i go to hang out this is guy i've been seeing for about 9 months ..nothing offical yet ... but kinda basically everything but bf & gf
so anyways .. he's going around chit chatitng ot everyone but me right so i'm all hyperd up on candy becausei had eaten real food so i figured candy was best engery ... but i have a sugat problem i get very hyper and chatty so i start chatting with a friend of his to be fair ...said friend is goodlooking charming ..nice funnyt and we click ... but also said friend has girl .. is my lover's friend and I dunno in truth i've started fallign in love with J (yes anthor J ... i really need to move on .. to k l m o pppp anything ... but i seem to be stuck on J ) and thought i could be attracted to any number of countless guys .. i'm a firm believer in that onyl thing that keeps a person from cheating is that THEY dont want to's nto lack of oppertunity nor location nothing .. and i dont cheat simply because i dont want to ........He is the only one i want ..and when that changes i'll have no need to cheat because then it's just time to part ways ...

so anyways ... before i went off track i'm talking to this guy right .. then w eall decide to head down to local park so we're walking and i walked over to J and i said something .. dont remebver just what and he's all well why are you talkign to me ..why dont you talk to your new boy james i'm all wtf ... now i'm kinda tripping i'm like just kaz i talk to him your gonna act up .... but i gotta tell you the honest truth .......... iiiiiiiittttttt felt gggggggooooooooodddddddd i mean great got damn good to know he got jealous because he's mad me jealou s on purpose for months on end .. just to test me and mess with me and such and it also means he cares ... i'm not just a lay or just some chick ...

anways he spent rest of nyte slowly making up but he still seemed annoyed with me but i mean okay u want me to get along with your friends but then get mad at me when their attracted ti me or have crushes on me and it's all me me me ... i wanna cheat .. i 'm making them like me ... i'm wearing wrong things ... blah ......

I'll go more into detail later .. me tummy hurts .. should go lie down .. ciao
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