Azraielle (azraielle) wrote,

I'M back again ..s o to speak ... i think i'm boiling over with emtions and it's time to release again my wrath ..whining ..self rightous rants upon unssuspecting folks on lj .. i've really missed you all actually ... tiems i've sat .. wishing i had something to write ... though so much has happened in my life and changed i could not find a way to put it on paper ... or maybe it was just to put it out ther e.... i've become reculsive with my pain and fustration like never before ... and it's causing me to act out ... i need to force all of it out before i end up doing something impossibly stupid ..... so bare with me one more time ........if anyone still even reads this thing .....

Hang on to you hats ....... It's gonna be a bumpy journal
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