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Sept 11 is coming again it will every year ... ..almost wish had the power to bleep it out of calander and memory
and i feel like sucha pussy for not being able to read thru stories and watch footage without breaking down
I'm a very sensitive girl .. hyper sensitive ..i pride my self on having devolped a tuff outer shell to protect me ...
but it feel like when it comes to that subject with the towers came down all sensibility .. i love reading and watching the news but i cant' go thru a story with tears ..

I don't know ...I'd like to think i have more strentgh than th ..that enuf time has passed to deal ...but maybe it's all only just begun to sink in ..

I know we want to memorialize ..and never forget what happened ..and those lives lost ...but right now i just wish sept 11 would drop off calender ..
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