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le sigh ..le wee

i'm so hhhhooooooooootttttttttttt no really's feels like 100 out here i'm baking

and heat m akes me horny =( no fair ... i know ur saying everything makes u horny damn dice .......but ummm so that's a good thing isn't it ?

Dudes have been telling me lately that i'm too good for them .. and i dunno i think i'm really down to earth ..even if several ppl who know me VERY VERY well ..uninamously agreed i act uppity ..and since they all act upiity and love it they dont' see it as bad thing ..but i think i'm cool .. i dunno am i approachable?? .. or do i ward the good ones of??f .. and thats why only the ditzes ever bother .... le sigh ...le weee

i posted pics again in Azpics and usual comms

and someone kick my but into gear on starting my new art site ... no really go ahead .... kaz i'm seriosuly slacking lately ..but i can't figure out what it is i'm doing while i'm snacking ..time just seems to float bye le sigh ... le wee

oh and i met this realy cool guy .. things going really slowly ..which is cool ....he's italian ( to quote my cousin "You and them damn white boyz!") ANYWAYS ... but he acts more ghetto than i do at times lol ... but he's a major sweet herat and seems genuwinly intrested and has his shit together ... all of which it's far too good to be true and there is sum major flaw in front of my face that i'm missing ..

thats enuff for noow ..ciao ciao
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