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i know i said i'd start writing again ..but it takes awhile ot ease back in ..anyways .. i've been busy iwt my art ( i plan on posting more in here ... and changing background once again ..and the bg on azpics asap) I got modeling gig wit benefits ...and oh i might be pregnant .... or lest this is what ci says ... sseeeeeeeeeee i kinda had nookie on my bday with an ex one whom i certainly dont' wanna have a kid wit but i opened my legs so i gotta take responsiblity for whatever comes out anyways

if it's not that .. i dunno what it is i'm nasous all time ..migraines ..tired .. my mother smoking with norally just makes me lil quesy made me throw up ... could just be my nerves ..when i'm jumpy as evident by past post my body tends to wig out on it own ..

moving along

Things to do :
Find someone willing to cuddle ... not looking for how did ci put it ..vaginal stimulation .. i want to be held .. i need to be held ... hasn't happened in very long while

Go out more ...been doing this lately ...working okay

Go tackle Mobuis and make him stay up late talking to me again

Dance nakid after summer thunderstorm

Post more pics .. (of self and art)

try to slow down and enjoy me myself and i

ciao ciao
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