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"I am Dice's pent up Life"


K now that that's done

Where have i been you ask ??
where seems there was a life waiting to pounce on my soon as i left my house ...things have been moving so fast last few weeks ... gotten lot better wit my art

Let's condese what's happened and you guys if u even still read my journal can let me know what you want me to expand upon

Got accused of murdering a baby
Frolicked on the bead for 2 days (got photos of that )
Got into ghetto brawl at baby shower
Got sudden inspiration been wearing skists ..dresses ..and mix and match my wardrobe much better
Danced the last dance
been approach by men older than my father
discussed my modlestation with my mother in depth for first time
and last but not least ...i'm like this close to really truely starting to model

and dispite all the bad
in the words of Aneesa
I'm soo happy
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