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Monday, June 17th, 2002

Time:6:18 pm.
Mood: loved.
You know .. i didn't have so good of a birthday as i would like ..but I just recieved a birthday card from my friend spic_n_spanish and my eyes are all watered up kaz course it was a btty boop card hehe and it play ed happy birthday and had the cutest poem ... and all the greetings here ... overwhelming ....

I just want you all too know how grateful i am to have all of you as friends and as whiny and spoiled and annoying as i can be that i'm still loved for me and i love all of you for such very different reasons and i feel so grateful to be able to peek into your lives and share mine with you all ...and that when i'm feeling down and alone ... i have this journal .. i have you mobiusstrip to fill my metaphysical intellictual need ... i can talk to you bout anything and it's just best exchange of idea and streaming of two conciouses ... and spic_n_spanish and caramelswirl I mean ..two ppl who i actually wasted invitation codes =)~ ... nah not like i dont' talk to you two enuf in ims i had to give you journals !! because i love both of oyu so much ... Vic ..because ...hey we Geminis rock ..and happy birthday today my Gemini brotha ... We're two odd ducks of a dying breed but i wouldn't want any other twisted plantino with me but you ..and Ciarra ...girl ... I've gone from hating you to tolerating .. to liking you to truely loving the shit outta you to being willing to even move in with you thru last 6 or 7 yrs i've gone throught so many emotions and ups and downs with you but it's good to know i have 1 female on my side down for whatever ... enigmatics i think we talk when we need to talk ... i know if i need a lil introspective on something ..your there ... and we just may be last two ppl on Lj who are we we say we are =) i could go on and on down my friends list ..because i do love you all but i dont' wanna make this one of my novels ...

SO umm yea ... Thanks i guess is what it comes down to ...
K silyl over sentimently too sensitive Eurydice need to have a time out
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Sunday, June 16th, 2002

Time:6:50 am.
Mood: bouncy.
Happy birthday to meeee
Happy birthday to meeeeee
Happy birthday Eurydice
Happy birthday to meeeee

Dicey is now 20!! ...good bye teens hellooooooooooo nurse =)~

Why haven't i written.... well i've been busy but i'll try to sum it all up later today or tommorrow but i am going wit Josh today gotta meet him in few hrs i'm gettin ready .. (so there Ci yanno)..but i swear i'm sooo going to beheave ..Read my lips there will be no birthday booty!! 0=)

oh and * stick the bum bum out* birth spankings or kisses are available now give 'em while ya can =)~ ... though my butt is already sore from rest of weekend activities ...

How does it feel to be 20 ..i think it's best summed up ina this excerpt from a convo i had on Yahoo other nyte
*him* (03:35:13 AM): not too many 20 year olds still play with stuff animals....hehehe
azraielleanasazi (03:35:14 AM): i'm gonna be a toys r us kid forever

Also if ya got kiddies happy father's day muah muah !
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Friday, June 14th, 2002

Subject:"Ex's are like a box o' chocolates never know which ones are the nuts "
Time:5:11 am.
Mood: awake.
This must be Ex week kaz Josh is going to movies wit me other ex asked to add me to yahoo(anthor one who just kinda stopped speaking to me one day ) and i gotta email Lady J (ex girlfriend) on sun ... shit ..i musta missed the memo ...but luckily i look cute this week (damn maybe Vic and Ci were right bout me being concieted this week )

I was on cam for few hrs wit caramelswirl ...we had stuffies fight n my elmo and teddie beat up her fat ol teddie and patrick the penguin and then we had the stuffies giving hte finger ot one n other i swear only wit this chick would i do these things lol .. oh AND i hooked up her journal all "girly " colors ..blah ... personally i like my red and black ..i'll be changing the layout of this one again soon ..working on the background
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Thursday, June 13th, 2002

Subject:*in my best janice voice * OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!
Time:5:02 am.
Mood: awake.
ayte for those of you who don't know flip back to febuaryand read about josh my ex ex who popped up on my Buddy list when i went on aol tonight when he's had me blocked for i dunno how many months ...Josh who just suddenly stopped talking to me ...Josh who gives amazing head best head i've gotten from a guy

So anyways i'm chilling wit Ci ..whom a gave a Lj to ya'll can harrass her at caramelswirl mwhahaha nah really she's a beautiful smart girl and i'm sure if you like/love my journal ..she'll inetrest you ..anyways so I've been pushing her to get along wit her ex i mean she's in love wit him and he also happens to be one of my oldest bestest friends and when they argue it always a problem for me kaz i got ci on on side ocmplaining and Jeff on other acting like aint nothing happen ..dont' get it twisted though .. i dont' relay messages bakc and forth between them eiter on of them will tell u that so today they got along smashingly moving back to josh

I im him ..and hr goes by of ci and i chatting working on links etc etc ..and he finially responds .. so at first i wasnt' gonna respond first of all i was tired and my brain wasnt working ..but ci got me thru the first few mins ..and made me be nice ..and it went smoothly from there .. and now i got a semi sorta date for my birthday and sum possible summer arse lol yeah baby ....

but umm yea this is what happened today ...besides orginizing all my past nudie post in Azpics so there is links to all of them ... least all the ones i remember posting ...

Ci i know you will read this ..your a horrible influence and without you i would have cussed Josh out ... so what i mean to say is thanks and fucky ju =)~

"somehow this will blow up in my face and on my ass i shall be "
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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002

Subject:":the revolution will not be televised !!"
Time:3:17 am.
Mood: indescribable.
Ayte da skinny .... I'm hot and tired ..and oh so horny ... shit sucks because ..what do you do when you don't enjoy casual sex but have needs ... anyways that THATS outta the way

I might babysit my cousins on the side for cash this summer ...

I blew my hair back out today and everyone lookign at me like i'm an alien i only wore it curly for like a week and they act like this is first time they've seen my hair straight

I have the sudden desire to just plan a romantic evening for someone ... yanno ... lil sade ... dim lighting candles ..(those are not nessarily for lighting ...for those of you whom know what i'm talking obut ) .. rose petals everywhere .. small home cooked meal ... with me as desert .... something to that effect

speaking of sex i got into the subject of what kinda dirty talk is good with ciarra ..future post on this when i'm a bit more coherent

I wrote a few poems i might post .... I'm in weird mood lately .. i'm like i'm floating between planes of reality and surrealism ..I dunno I'm prolly making no sense ...
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Sunday, June 9th, 2002

Subject:Yea baby !
Time:4:35 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Lewis won ... Tyson was knocked on his ass ...nuff said !

now i wanna fight ...someone come fight with me
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Subject:Test Time !!
Time:4:10 pm.
Mood: amused.
I'm so goth!
Take the The "What Teen Label Do You Fit Into Most?" Quiz!
by antiperfect

i always knew i was undercover goth

which children's storybook character are you?

this quiz was made by colleen

Dude i just saw this movie (i got the dvd) and i want a wizard's chess set ...

and what have we learned from this months Test Time .... that I'm anti social and surround my self wit few friends and i'm gifted ..homical but do not like violence ...i hate it when quizes are right ..
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Saturday, June 8th, 2002

Subject:Yea baby !
Time:1:57 pm.
Mood: bouncy.
Lewis and Tyson

Tonight .... yeah baby ....

Tommorrow National Puertorico Day yeah baby

Me i gained 5 lbs yeah baby

oo a pic click me click me Collapse )
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Friday, June 7th, 2002

Subject:Month in review
Time:4:14 pm.
Mood: content.
Well i finally found the strentght o get rid of someone on my friends list i was having hard time just letting go of .... but i feel like totally weight has been lifted i feel 0lbs lighter noooo really i do =)

May sucked ..... thee end but June is looking up i'm finding that i'm getting closer to my old friends and closer to ppl whom i've even met on lj like mobuisstrip with whom i had over a 2 hr conversation and for me it was better than an sex or orgasm becaues it totally wasnt' about sex it was about everythign ....and it was a conversation that was thought proking ..and i got to share my views on alot of things with someone who not only understood them but could relate and present his views and they were just as complex and it was just a great exchange i dont' think i've had that in long time i soooooo needed it was best release i've had in a while ...that includes bout 2 days ago when i came 5 times =)~

Also my friend Ci and i are getting closer than ever which is weird kaz i dont' have many female friends ..but i dunno it does feel good to talk to someone bout things that men will never understand ...don't get me wrong .. i still love men as friends ..still thik they make the best friends for me but it's all good

It been kinda hard on ym family getting over death of my uncle ..adn now my other uncle is having serious medical issues .. if the men of my family arent' curse i dunno who is ...

As for me .. This month is my birthday ..hopefully it will go better than last month .. i do feel happy though .. i mean I'm meeting great new ppl creative block has been lifted ..and i'm not so worried bout love as i was before ...until love finds me i'll just surround myself with the ppl who care ...

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Wednesday, June 5th, 2002

Time:6:29 pm.
Mood: pensive.
i just took sum pics..but where to put them ...
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Monday, June 3rd, 2002

Time:7:41 pm.
Mood: excited.
this dude (i'm using that word way to much lately ) anyways ... this guy was talking bout how much he worships me and such and he's like i have legions of fans ... i mean hyping me up more than i even would think to hype myself ... yes i post pics ..and i'm glad others enjoy them ....but sometimes i do wonder just how many do enjoy them ...

on the flip side i got into discision with my other on butts .. and i had to set the record str9 for her ... my butt is cute kaz it's perky ... and it's got personality @!

k i'm gonna go burn off this engery by dancing ...
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Sunday, June 2nd, 2002

Subject:Normally i don't do surveys but i need to calm down
Time:10:08 pm.
Mood: blah.
About me...
* First grade teacher's name: Ms. Vittale (at least that is how I think it is spelled)

* Last word you said: Fuck

* Last song you sang: Ay yi yi -ying yang twins ( only to annoy my cousin)

* Last person you hugged: my cousin

* Last thing you laughed at: my brother

* Last time you said "I love you": umm i don't remember

* Last time you cried: 10 mins ago

* What's in your cd player: Mix Cd

* What color socks are you wearing: no socks for ju ! ..or me

* What's under your bed: The Boogie Man ..freddie kuger and jason ..regular party up under there.

* What time did you wake up today: I'm awake ?

* Where do you want to go: To Heaven ... and puertorico

* What is your career going to be: artist or stylist

* Where are you going to live: Probably somewhere in Georgia.

* How many kids do you want: None at the moment. up to 4

* What kind of car will you have: me ? ...ahhahahah

* Current taste: ice cream
* Current hair: reddish brown ... shoulder length ..

* Current clothes: Bra and jeans

* Current annoyance: Brother

* Current smell: Baby Powder

* Current longing: hmm somewhere in between love and cuddling ..and hair yanking and sex

* Current desktop picture: Cg beach scene

* Current favorite artist: Myself

* Current book: Newspaper ...scariest stuff ever written

* Current worry: That i'm far to copmlex and difficult for any person to deal with for prolonged periods of time

* Current time-wasting wish: for love

* Current hate: Lifes too short to hate

* Story behind your Live/DeadJournal username (if you have one): i've Azraielle for years ..since i play alot of rpgs and such i just made it up ..looked and sounded beautiful.. pretty much use it everywhere

* Current favorite article of clothing: hmmm changes by the rh currently black off shoulder peasant shirt

* Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: tie between eyes and tummy .

* Last CD that you bought: that's classified

* Favorite place to be: held

* Least favorite place: Hospital

* Strong in mind or strong in body: I am about equal in both respects.

* Time you wake up in the morning: depends on what i have to do

* If you could play any instrument, what would it be: piano ..i already play clarinet

* Favorite color: switches betweet purple red and black

* Do you believe in an afterlife: yes ..

* How tall are you: 5'3

* Current favorite word: Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious...and it'll be my fav word till a die ...

* Favorite season: summer

* One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: My Grandpa.

* One person you wish was here right now: hmm either mobuis or darrin ...both cool ppls to talk to and i'm bored

* Favorite day: anyday where i don't have to cuss someone out

* A line from the last thing you wrote to someone: Why ? ....

* A random lyric: "My ding a ling ..oh won't you play with my ding a ling".
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Thursday, May 30th, 2002

Subject:Damn Damn Damn
Time:5:07 pm.
I went shopping again
I got 1 thong
1 g string (yes there a difference)
1 lace bodystocking
and these weird lace up thigh highs .. weird lil things but interesting and i havent' taking any pics in thigh highs

So my friend mobuisstrip finally posted pic (like i said in the subject ..damn damn damn )

but you wanna know a secret and god i hope he doesn't read this and get spooked but ppl ask me kinda guys i look for and he's the perfect example of guys i used to date and more my ideal guy .. highly inteligent ..makes me laff and think ...and that's more sexy than anything else ...

so if you ever wanna know how to get to my heart .. hold a convo ..make me laff ...and a cute tummy doesnt' hurt of course

and now i'm in mood to take some pics for all my sexy smart guys out there ... viva la revolution!!
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Wednesday, May 29th, 2002

Time:9:08 pm.
Mood: happy.
I went shopping ..tons of new clothes ..lovely ..lovely .... but i still gotta go to my local place ( i went shopping in south street seaport in manhatten ) for bodystockings and fishnets ..maybe i'll take a few shots in my new clothes later ... oooooo and i got harry potter and the others ... sooooooo i'm gonna go veg out ... and oh did u see my test results .. i'm bisexual .. i thought i'd lean more one way or the other .. or more so my friends though i would ..but I'm impartical it's like i said .. i love 'em both ...
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Saturday, May 25th, 2002

Subject:well ...duh!!!
Time:5:43 am.
Mood: amused.
You are bisexual.
Take this quiz or visit survey.JUNKIE for more surveys!
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Friday, May 24th, 2002

Time:7:50 pm.
Mood:hip hoppity.
k posted 3 regular pic posts and one special for those who've join my community ... anyways like i said have fun be safe you all ..ciao ..muah !

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Subject:Yo yo yo
Time:6:49 pm.
Mood: excited.
I looked perti today ... yay for yowza! but anyways ... i wawant to wish everyone a good and joyous weekend ..have fun alot ..get fat ...damn it it's what i plan on doing woohoo

i dont' think i'll be writing in journal this weekend gotta go shopping and marinate meats and season veggies tommorrow for bbq on sun and on mon ...I rest ...and pig out on leftovers ..=)~

Yes my plan is to get huge and still be loved ..nah true plan is to stop obbsessing over what i eat before i make myself sick again ..

Anyways I haven't updated azpics in a while so i'm gonna reset my computer and add some photos i'll let ya'll know when it's up ....

So have fun ur buns off hardy and be safe ... muah !
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Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

Time:1:49 am.
Mood: artistic.
changing the layout of my journal .. BG by me of course ..yay me still for more work to to ... ..but lemme know what you think
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Tuesday, May 21st, 2002

Subject:"I am Dice's pent up fustration "
Time:1:07 pm.
I know it's been far and few posts lately but ..i'm going thru some things ..things i'm not sure i can even explain ....but this is just emotoinal ..i'm missing love i guess ..companionship ...the real thing not subsitute ... I'm also sad that i've lost alot of those i love in last year from isolating myeslf this past year's funny kaz on surface things are looking up for me .. i'm working on my life ..being coming more active workign on art again ..workign on new website .. i got an interview to model lingerie ... yea me a lingerie model ..i find oh so highly amusing also ...but it's good money if i get the job so ...I gues i'll soon be sweeping clean those old thoughts and feelings and bottling them up for a rainy therapy session ....jaz i cant' afford to have them fucking me up ..I can't keep letting others get in my way or bring me down

My mind keeps floating to the two ppl i've had deepest connection wit in my life ..and i no longer speak to either ...funyn thing is ..i'm now friends with two of their friends ....but i never bring them up nor ask about them ..

funyn things about me is ..i'm quick to call ppl i don't really know on their shit ..but if i love and care bout u ... i pratically let u walk all over me ...this has ended

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Thursday, May 16th, 2002

Time:10:15 pm.
Mood: contemplative.
I know it's been awhile but i'm here .. i'm alive and i'm happy ... I'm gettin over my ex ... been gettin out there having fun a load of new betty boop stuff (i'm a closet betty boop nut)today yay me ... and i'm just content with how everything is going right now .....oh and i'm working on a lil something for cumboy

"Life is beautiful
De Girls are beautiful "
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