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"do you know where your going to ? "

sometime i wonder if i'm bi polar .. but then again shouldnt' everybody be .. isnt' all ife a serious of upand down .. moutains high and valley lows ...... serous of gleeful distant memories and fresh scrapes and bruises

Things between J and i are rather weird right now ..not sure ... we're definetly breaking new ground when we speak lately ..he's opening up more i'm rambling less and just kinda baring it all .. i told him during our last convo i was afraid of losign him .. he ( and this took me by not even surprise ..SHOCK ) that he was mroe afraid of losign me ... now this may not seem like a big thing .. i mean 9 months u think this is small think but no .. between J and i whom haven't even said i love you out loud to each other ( thats anthor entry ) it's a big thing ....

In other news ... i've been making the rounds .. applying ot more modeling assignemnts and getting good feedback .. hopefully all will be well i'll be a porn star by end of summer ... i'm joking ...maybe sorta =)

I finially got sex though ..... but omg why was everyone of my exs calling or iming that day for a booty call and of course then j calls kaz it musta been booty call day and no one tells me!!

I feel kinda empty and alone right now ...
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