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Strike a pose ! ... or midgets on parade

I'm wearing 4 in heels and the lil giant is still taller than me ..what do they feed these childern now adays !!
your getting very sleepy

A full body scanned in pic of me doesn't come along very often so soak it all in =)~

Why havent' i been writing lately ..busy busy busy bee ... but party of me worries that i didn't make my self busy on purpose ..lemme explain

I wrote earlier bout makeing a pact wit devil aka caramelswirl to email Lady J(my ex-girlfriend) i did ..and she respond wit her # to call her .. i was or maybe i just made my self busy that week but too busy to call till i saw her onlien adn she told me she missed me ..and called me love .. i call her sometime that following week she wasnt' home ..and then i called her again tonight ... God it's good to hear her voice and just speak with her .. i mean it's like tall drink of water in dessert man ... this girl was first love ..bestest friend .. amazon goddess all in one .... and though i no longer worship at her feet ... and i won't say i dont' feel the love kaz i do but it's not the same ... i still want her ot be my best friend i mean we talked almost as if nothing had happened time had past .. i'M even cool wit her having this new girl .. (diff from one woh called me and we got into big arguemetn ) but umm she wants to come up to nyc or me go down there so we can all hang .. i'm like no ... hell she wants to move up here .. i'm still like no ... ...she wants me to call her again ... what od i do .. i'm at a crossroads ...

She's sending weird mixed signals ....but shoudl i even care .. do i wanna go down this well beaten path'll never be what it once was .. i realize that ....

or do i wanna make way for new lover ... truely open myself ot someone and give them all of me ..which is so hard in and of it self for various reasons ... hopefully this J 4th will give much need rest and relaxation ..maybe hopefully lil clarifaction .. thughts ..advice .. speechs ..specially hugs and snuggles welcome ...
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